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What our users say...

"the app is fantastic!"

Love the range of vocabulary available, and the idea of it being focused around genders of words. I'll admit that previously I'd just been guessing every time I faced a new word! But because of the wide range, whilst still being the core words, of vocabulary, playing the quizzes has given me a good bank of words where I actually know their genders! I also find how they are categorised to be really logical, so it's easy to find which sort of vocab you'd like to test yourself on. Overall this app appears to be the only of its kind that I've come across, so it's a really great way to complement learning rather simply vocab meanings
[Lucy, French Student, @lucylca]

"really convenient because it doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection, therefore I have used it on bus, car and plane journeys"

I downloaded the leVocab Spanish App on my mobile phone. It is really convenient because it doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection, therefore I have used it on bus, car and plane journeys. The app is based on learning vocabulary, and whether the word is masculine or feminine. This may sound basic, but this has helped me maintain the fundamentals of the language, which is essential. Furthermore, the app has a range of topics, which include all of the GCSE topics that I would need to learn.
[Henry, Spanish student, @Henry20023]

"comprehensive coverage of nouns"

I downloaded leVocab for my iPhone and it was very easy to use. It provides comprehensive coverage of nouns for GCSE vocabulary and beyond and tests users on the gender of each noun in short quizzes. It has audio as well to reinforce correct pronunciation. I would recommend this to pupils as a revision tool and also to use on a regular basis as a study aid to practise a little, often!
[Emily, MFL Leader, @meels78]

"a well presented app that I will be using a lot"

leVocab focuses on learning the gender of nouns and it does it really well. I like how intuitive it is to get around. The stats to show how many quizzes you have done and how many points you have achieved I didn't look at all after I had left the home screen the first time but I see how they are motivating...I love the design of the app, I can get around it really well. The audio for the words is really crisp and the amount of nouns is staggering. I encountered no crashes...It would be great if you could make a 'playlist' of words you want to know the nouns off...Overall, a well presented app that I will be using a lot. I will be recommending this app!
[Stanley, French student, @BettsStanley]

"I hugely enjoyed using the resource and want to see it thrive!"

First of all, they are great apps! I'm always impressing upon my students the importance of constantly expanding their vocab, and if they can do it with their phones - even better...
...I hugely enjoyed using the resource, and want to see it thrive! ...excellent range of vocabulary, great variety and categorised brilliantly...perhaps add a little key to explain that the arms mean the level of difficulty, and what the little picture frame next to the lists mean
[Natasha, French & Spanish Teacher, @NMSTuition]

"I can see this being a useful app to use in the classroom"

If you want to practise your vocabulary in an easy and fun way then leVocab app is the app to help you do so. The user friendly layout makes it easy to navigate and I quickly whiled away my train commute testing my knowledge of genders (some topics were rustier than others.) There are three sections to the app, quizzes taken, your average score and overall points scored. You can choose from 19 topics which are then divided into sub-sections where you can pick your quiz. For example, food and drinks is split into many different categories ranging from seasonings to meat, fish and drink. When you decide on your topic there will be 10 questions asking you to give the correct gender of the word by choosing le or la. You then swipe left for the next question. What is useful is that when you have selected your answer, there is an automated response with the answer spoken in French. If you are a competitive person, like myself, then this game can become quite addictive whilst reminding you/or teaching you genders. I can see this being a useful app to use in the classroom at the end of a unit of work. It would take minimal explanation and pupils could easily work towards certain scores. Add an element of competition in and vocabulary would be on the way to becoming embedded.
[Victoria Mitchell, French Primary Teacher, @VicsALL]

"essential to those wishing to improve their French"

leVocab is an excellent source of French vocabulary. It would be very useful for those who wish to improve their language skills by learning new vocabulary and remembering the different genders for each word. It consists of numerous short quizzes with word pronunciations to help with the new vocabulary. leVocab is very easy to use and is I consider, essential to those wishing to improve their French
[Rachel, French student]

"really cool pronunciation feature"

leVocab is a great way to learn and revise German vocabulary and get those tricky genders correct! I really like the easy to use interface and also the fact that the app uses different colours for the different genders to help remember more easily. It also helped me to identify some gender patterns that I will try to remember to help me in the future. There is a really cool pronunciation feature too and a progress tracker. Great for general revision and increasing your Vocab!
[Lorcan, German Student, @lorcantuohy]

"really improved my spanish language skills"

I have played this app a lot whilst on holiday and it has really improved my spanish language skills. I like the fact it gives you the pronunciation of the word and also a picture to improve visual memory, I have also noticed how it improved my grammar, especially with irregular nouns such as masculine nouns that end in an a. To improve I think there could be quizzes about conjugation or translation tasks, to improve exams skills, ready for my GCSEs. 4*
[Emily, Spanish Student, @EmilyAlcock2002]